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About Our Agency

Our staff is passionate and dedicated to developing the best marketing options for our clients.

We have built a creative environment here at BCC that fosters great ideas and turns them into successful marketing campaigns. We work to build close relationships with our clients and become a partner to assist in the entire marketing process. The combined skills of our team are unique and offers a solution unlike any other agency. We have the expertise needed to help your business stay competitive and continue to grow.

From original concept to post campaign evaluation,
BCC can help you brand your business and connect with customers.

Marketing Team

Account Management & Sales

Marketing Director

Jesse Garcia

Marketing Director

Jesse is the marketing director for BCC and has 19 years of experience with digital and traditional marketing. He is passionate about the team and works with each employee to help them grow into a successful individual. He enjoys collaborating with our clients and staff to put together highly targeted strategic marketing plans that deliver results and maximizes our clients return on investment. Jesse brings accountability, commitment and passion to the team as well as the ability to inspire others and appreciates the cohesiveness and pride of the team. Outside of work, Jesse keeps himself busy by cooking up something good with his family, golfing, fishing, or riding around on his Harley.

Marketing Manager

DeeAnna Stout

Marketing Manager

DeeAnna is an account manager here at BCC and collaborates and coordinates strategies with the team to solve marketing challenges for our clients. She has been a part of the team for five years after working as an account rep with Fox Kansas for 15 years. Dee is passionate about marketing and leadership and enjoys creating marketing strategies to help community businesses grow. She is client focused, self-motivated and detailed and known for her “Mama Dee” personality. Outside of work, Dee keeps herself busy riding around in a jeep, shooting with her husband, supporting her daughter at dance competitions, or reading autobiographies or leadership books.

Account Executive

Dannielle Fisher

Account Executive

Dannielle is an account executive at BCC and has nine years of experience with dealership marketing. She is detail oriented loves creating a marketing strategy to help our community businesses grow. As a part of the BCC team, she brings an upbeat and positive personality and loves seeing everyone here enjoy their job and do something they love. Dannielle loves to travel and try new things. She used to sing opera and now has a new addiction of binge-watching stranger things.

Marketing Coordinator

Kristina Rosales

Marketing Coordinator

Kristina is the marketing coordinator as well as the accountant for BCC. She has been at BCC for four years and loves being a part of a team that is more like a family. She loves meeting new clients and learning about their companies and industries. Kristina always has a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She has great customer service and accounting skills and brings great organization to the team. Aside from work, Kristina enjoys spending time with her family, playing soccer and basketball, and fishing as well as watching romantic comedies.


Specializing in website design & development, digital marketing, & analytics. Our digital experts are certified Google Partners and always looking for advancements in the digital arena!

Digital Manager

Ian Roseberry

Digital Manager

Ian is the digital manager at BCC and oversees website design & development, digital marketing, and analytics. He has over 10 years of experience building websites, coding, and graphic design and is also Google Certified. He enjoys getting to work with many different types of people and industries, which inspires his creativity. He is not afraid to make mistakes, loves sharing his skills with others, and is always up for a good challenge. Ian appreciates being a part of a fun and exciting team where everyone is willing to help each other. He is an easy team member to get along with and brings positivity, motivation and support to the team. Outside of work, he is usually having a game night with friends, developing a new skill, or watching scary or mystery TV shows.

Web Developer

Tyler Meckenstock

Web Developer

Tyler is a web developer and SEM analyst and has been at BCC for three years since starting as an intern. He has a creative passion and loves being able to create something that the client falls in love with. He is a punctual member of the team and you can always count on him to get the job done on time if not sooner. Tyler has a spunky personality with a pinch of sass and loves being a part of a team where everyone has each other’s back and is always willing to lend a hand. Outside of work, you will find Tyler doing something with his new car, (which is number 16 if anyone is counting) whether it be working on it, cleaning it or driving it to the lake.

Marketing Intern

Hannah Smith

Marketing Intern

Hannah is a marketing intern at BCC and recently graduated from WSU with a bachelor’s degree. She is passionate about marketing and is always willing to try new things and learn something new. As a member of BCC, Hannah is excited about helping with a variety of different projects and loves the diversity of skills and support of the team. Outside of work, you will find her either hanging out with friends, or watching the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for the tenth time.


Our experienced creative team draws inspiration through great communication and a fun work environment! From high quality video production to unique logo and graphic design, we can creatively tell your story.

Creative Director

Clay Schmidtberger

Creative Director

Clay is the creative director of BCC and has been a part of the team for ten years. He has become a jack of all trades during his time here and enjoys learning and growing everyday while helping others. He is passionate about art and music and his work shows off his good eye for design. Clay has a positive attitude and is a valuable member of the BCC family. Outside of work, you will find Clay spending time with his family or at a concert of his favorite band, Reel Big Fish, which he’s seen 16 times.

Multimedia Specialist

Seth Strohm

Multimedia Specialist

Seth has been a part of the BCC team for two years and has worked within many fields before becoming the multimedia specialist. He is passionate about photography and video and loves being a part of a team where everyone is willing to learn and encourages each other to be a better version of themselves. Seth has a positive attitude and a strong work ethic and enjoys the variety of industries BCC gets to work in. He also does freelance media work and loves to travel as well as playing video games and his favorite movie is The Benchwarmers.


Thomas Phan


Thomas is the video producer here at BCC and has over ten years of experience with media productions. He is passionate about documenting experiences and telling stories through video production and loves that he gets to do what he is passionate about every day. Thomas is a dedicated worker that can always be counted on to perform well under pressure and strict deadlines. He is an energetic team member and values the diversity and skills of the BCC team. If Thomas isn’t working, he’s filming music festivals, taking care of his family, or paintballing.


The BCC wrap team is 3M certified and can professionally wrap almost anything! Vehicle wraps are just the beginning. Our vinyl printer can produce banners, decals, and so much more!

Graphic Designer

Brandon Givens

Graphic Designer

Brandon is a graphic designer and wrap installer here at BCC and has been doing both for five years. He loves being a part of fun and hardworking people that make up the team and his favorite part about his job is getting to see the process of the jobs from start to finish. Brandon is a realist and is passionate about making our customers happy that they chose us for their marketing needs. Outside of work, you could find him at the racetrack racing or curled up on the couch enjoying a good chick flick.

Graphics Installer

Russ Stewart

Graphics Installer

Russ is a graphics installer for BCC and has five years of experience as well as 3M preferred, Lowen certified, and 3M knifeless certified. He loves working hard and working with his hands and enjoys being a part of this eclectic group. As a valuable member of BCC, Russ brings a unique and different point of view and constantly strives to do better. If he’s not at work, you can find Russ spending time with his friends and family or working hard in the kitchen cooking up a good meal.

Graphics Installer

Ernie Gonzalez

Graphics Installer

Ernesto is a graphics installer at BCC and is committed to learning new things. He is a team player and loves getting to be a part of the variety of projects. As a part of the BCC team, he brings a different perspective and loves being a part of a team with various talents. Ernesto is passionate about getting the job done right and enjoys seeing the client happy. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and eating Cheetos with hot sauce.


We have an exceptional team of individuals that, by combining our unique and specialized talents, create a dynamic network of mastery. Our work flow benefits by having multiple experts overview different aspects of your advertising campaigns to prevent essential opportunities from slipping through the cracks and reduce avoidable mistakes. This in turn creates a fast-paced, accurate, and successful environment that we know and love!