Search Engine Optimization

Website SEO Services

Search engines are shifting how they analyze the web in order to provide the best searching experience for their users. As their algorithms and internet scavenging bots get smarter, optimizing your website becomes a necessity in order to rank highly on search engines. There are no shortcuts or easy solutions anymore. Websites that are thriving nowadays are the ones who are utilizing quality content and best practices, and that is a good thing! This allows shoppers to find reputable companies that can fill their needs as quickly as possible. After all, the best customers are happy customers.

Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click

Both SEO and PPC are methods for driving potential customers to your website, but that is about where their similarities end.

Search Engine Optimization

In order to rank highly in the un-paid (organic) results area of a search engine, proper search engine optimization is a must. True SEO strategies and campaigns are long term investments. They slowly, but surely, increase your rankings towards a place that is highly sought after and reserved for the most relevant. Why is this so incredibly important? Because shoppers rarely go past the first page of a search. Not only do they find results quicker on the first page, they also know that it increases their odds of finding a reputable company.

Pay Per Click

How can a small to medium sized business compete with large scale corporations that have had years to work on their organic rankings? Pay Per Click levels the playing field by producing immediate and measurable results for those who provide high quality and trustworthy advertisements. Many search engines place their paid ads at the top of the page and will be the first thing a searcher will see, above the organic search results. With Pay Per Click, not only will your ads appear above those difficult to reach organic results, but you can begin to show up within hours!

It is important to note that a growing business should not try to answer the question of SEO or PPC, but rather focus on a marketing campaign that benefits from the advantages of both. This is because Pay Per Click ads can benefit from websites that rank high organically and vice versa.